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Finding the Perfect Kids Dance School

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Ballet is good core muscle training, since it makes the dancer more aware of their body, even when incorporated in kids dance school training. Plus, ballet classes for children are among the most popular of all dance classes in the U.S. If you are considering kids dance classes in Phoenix, it makes sense to evaluate all of the dance schools for kids and their different offerings.

First, dance lessons for kids are not all going to be the same in terms of structure and training. The facilities and instructors can make a huge difference in your childs success. You can find the best kids dance classes in Phoenix with some preliminary research. Even kids under age 5 can participate in kids dance school classes, in fact over 34,000 younger kids go to class each week in the U.S.

One of the quickest ways to gather a list of potential dance classes is to start with an online search. While recommendations from friends and family are encouraged, you can research them online as well with various third party review sites. Analyze these reviews for feedback and insight from former students and their families. With the broad range of comments, you will be able to understand the more important criteria for selecting an appropriate dance school.

Use your list of top dance schools to begin contacting them directly. Hopefully from reading the various reviews, you will be able to ask about the various features and benefits of each school. For example, you want to know about scheduling and class instruction. They should be able to tell you how many students are in a single group at a time and whether they have competitive teams. In some instances, there may be an opportunity to visit the dance school and to speak directly with the instructors.

Regardless of which school you select for kids dance classes in Phoenix, you want to be sure that they are competent as both instructors and safe in their methods. The time put into kids classes will pay off dearly as they progress through the mix of skills and routines.

How to Have a Weather-proof Outdoor Event

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Whether you’re getting married, holding a baby shower, celebrating a birthday, or hosting a reunion, you want your event to be perfect. In the interest of celebrating the pleasant weather or avoiding disagreements on the venue, you might decide to hold the celebration outside. This can seem like a fairly simple decision: after all, all you have to do is rent some chairs and tables to seat your guests, and if you want, you can even find an outdoor dance floor rental. But holding an event outside raises some questions: what do you do if the nice weather doesn’t come through? And how do you decorate an outdoor event in a way that is tasteful, elegant, and suitable to the setting?

The answer to both questions is simple: research and invest in party tent rentals. A party tent will protect your party from rain, provide shade if the weather is warm, and keep you from worrying over overcast skies and potential storm clouds. And if you’re looking for ways to give your event an elegant, sophisticated look, sailcloth tents in particular lend any outdoor celebration a beautiful touch. You can also use event tent rentals to help with lighting, especially if you’re going to be celebrating at night: many companies who offer party tent rentals also offer special Indoor and Outdoor collections, which feature LED lights.

Tent rentals for weddings are among the most common party tent rentals. Outdoor ceremonies are timeless and appeal to almost everyone: they are common in New York City, which has the oldest brides with an average age of 32 years old, and also in West Texas, which has the youngest brides, with an average age of 24. While every wedding is a unique combination of tradition and personal taste- after all, even the phrase “tie the knot” comes from an ancient Babylonian custom in which threads from the bride and groom’s clothes were tied together to symbolize their union- nothing fits a beautiful day better than an outdoor ceremony and reception…especially if it is all protected by a sailcloth party tent.

Are you planning an outdoor event, such as a wedding, baby shower, reunion, or conference? Why not keep your celebration looking elegant and safe from bad weather? Rent a party tent!
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Top Three Important Tips to Remember when Vacationing on Oahu

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There are a lot of things to keep in mind when planning a vacation. Here are three tips for anyone considering a trip to Oahu:

1. Oahu is Huge

Oahu is a giant place to explore; it is the third largest island in Hawaii. With that said, it’s important that you try to allot enough time to exploring each facet that the island has to offer. The last thing you’d want would be to end up having to rush through the last few tourist spots because you didn’t plan your time out well! If you’re not confident in your timekeeping ability, there are all types of guided tours through the island that will do it for you. These small group tours will make sure that you have enough time to enjoy each element of the island to the fullest.

2. Be Sure to Visit the Cultural Sites

There are lots of different man-made areas that deserve a visit while you are on the island. One of the most popular visitor attractions on Oahu tours is the Dole Plantation which educates more than one million visitors and local residents each year about Hawaii’s agricultural heritage with fun, in-depth, hands-on experiences. Since there are so many, it may be useful to contact a tour guide to make sure you hit up all the essential spots; any Oahu tours will ensure you don’t miss a thing.

3. Do Not Overlook the Natural Elements

As you hit up the cultural hot spots, though, don’t overlook the natural attractions the island has to offer. There is a wealth of natural beauty waiting to be explored during your visit. There are all sorts of natural formations on the island and in the surrounding waters that have been formed by Hawaii’s underwater volcanic activity in addition to the flourishing flora and fauna. It is just as important to see these things as it is to see the cultural spots. What do you think about Oahu?

The Top Three Nirvana Songs of All Time (And Which Guitar Effects They Utilize)

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If you love music, you probably celebrated Record Store Day earlier this month. If you’re like most people, you likely dished out $20 for a rare release from one of your favorite bands, then continued to peruse the stacks until you left with a nice haul tucked securely under your arm. But for some people, it’s not enough to feel the crooked rumblings of vinyl records emanating from dusty speakers.

Some just need to create those sounds themselves, be it through a slew of guitar pedal kits or a synthesizer and an electronic mixing board.

It’s not a stretch to say that Kurt Cobain was one of those people, driven by a mad impulse to seemingly create and destroy in alternating quantities. Sadly, it was the latter that won out, but not before a beautiful banquet of music was assembled. This Record Store Day, Cobain’s band, Nirvana, dished out a 7-inch single of their tune “Pennyroyal Tea,” slated for an early 1994 release but canceled at the last minute. In honor of Nirvana’s enduring legacy (and their participation in RSD 2014), here’s a list of their top three tracks — and the guitar multi effects pedals you’ll hear on the recordings.

3. “About a Girl” – from Bleach (1989)

Never the most famous Nirvana single, “About a Girl” has now come to be remembered as one of the best. Ostensibly written after a night of Beatles-binging, “About a Girl” takes us through the clean opening notes before ripping through a structured solo that benefits from a warm vintage tone, likely resulting from an older amplifier. During its most famous rendition (the MTV Unplugged show in ’94), Cobain opted for an acoustic guitar instead, opting for a natural woody sound.

2. “Come As You Are” – from Nevermind (1991)

Cobain was famous for his heavy guitar distortion, and perhaps the only thing he was more famous for was trashing his own sound equipment. But the watery opening notes of “Come As You Are” show the songwriter’s ear for unique tones, as well. Using a chorus pedal and his signature guitar, Cobain was able to capture a murky but still clean-sounding effect that was a far cry from the heaviness on the ubiquitous “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and other singles like “In Bloom.”

1. “All Apologies” – from In Utero (1993)

There’s no denying the acerbic sweetness of “All Apologies,” a song most have come to see as Cobain’s swan song. Utilizing a gentle guitar tone that gradually becomes more forceful thanks to reliance on distorted guitar pedal kits, “All Apologies” takes us on an adventure of the loud-quiet-loud dynamics Nirvana has always been known for. In the end, as the final lyrical couplet goes, “All in all is all we are.” That same thing might as well be true for Cobain’s sound gear.

Two decades after the dissolution of the band, it seems borderline silly to discuss a breakdown of its songs. But what Nirvana, a recent inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, means to the older generations is that the world can very much be changed one power chord at a time. It just takes the right guitar pedal kits to do it. Get more here.

Video, SEO Content the Foundation to Any Solid Marketing Plan

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With the importance of internet marketing at a fever pitch, online video marketing is the among most important mediums available to small businesses today. That is because videos help your market better understand your product or service by 74%.

Currently, YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world and over 30% of all online activity is spent watching videos. So clearly digital video production companies offer an increasingly essential service for effective marketing videos. And just like other methods of internet marketing, video marketing needs correctly implemented SEO to gain valuable presence.

Video for SEO when correctly implemented can drive traffic to your website through the roof. Every single day, 100 Million internet users watch an online video. This, in conjunction with the 75% of viewers who visit the company website following a marketing video, scream for a call to action to grab the attention of this market.

Video results appear in an estimated 70% of the top 100 most popular searches on Google, indicating the importance of enlisting a video production company for professionally, well produced items to stimulate your marketing plan. Additional means to draw focus to your website include the viewer comment section. This sheds even more attention to your business.

Your website is 50 times more likely to appear on first page search engine results with video advertising, the perfect vehicle to engage visual learners. Moreover, click through rates skyrocket 2-3 times when you include a video in your website. So enlisting professional a video production company and legitimate video optimization SEO are your ultimate means for effective internet marketing today. Helpful links:

Would You Pay Someone $3,000 To Live Tweet Your Wedding?

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What is one of the most surprising wedding trends? Apparently, few Americans are willing to put their smartphones away in favor of living in the moment — even on their wedding day. Hopeful entrepreneurs are latching onto that fact, and some are even offering to live tweet your wedding — leaving you free to enjoy the festivities — for a not-so-conservative fee of $3,000!

Don’t fall for that one. With a little discretion — coupled with some of the latest wedding trends — you can enjoy the both of best worlds. Throw a trendy wedding, and capture moments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with a few, simple tips:

Ask Your Guests To Do It For You

Of course you don’t want to be glued to your smartphone or mini tablet on your wedding day. A growing number of brides and grooms are inviting guests to snap pictures and post them on social media. Provide a hashtag for Instagram and/or Twitter accounts at the guest card or wedding present table. Remember to choose somewhere people are likely to see wedding-related hashtags, and early on, too. “We’re also going to see a lot more live-streamed weddings so loved ones abroad can tune in and Tweet buttons installed in photo booths,” director of The Knot, Anja Winikka, adds.

Throw A Glamorous Lawn Party

Think The Great Gatsby. Couples are starting with relatively simple foundations, including wedding tents rentals and outdoor dance floor rentals, and glamming it up with elegant details. Elaborate flower displays, strand lights, pearls, and gold and bronze accents are all the rage. Consider livening up table linen rentals for weddings with delicate beads and fine dining ware. Crystal glasses with gold rims are a classy — and popular — choice.

Go (A Little) Crazy

It’s your wedding — one of the most important things is to have fun! Couples are mixing it up with photo booths and fun, slightly out-there props. Playing 90s music for a bit of nostalgia and inevitable silliness is also big right now.

Throw an unforgettable wedding — and remember your favorite moments on social media, too! With outdoor dance floor rentals, elegant, gold accents, and your guests working to Instagram your big day for you, you can truly make it perfect. Find more on this here: