Three Reasons Every Musician Needs a Guitar Stand

Three Reasons Every Musician Needs a Guitar Stand

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Where do you put your guitars when you’re playing them? Do you stick them back in their respective guitar cases? Do you lean them against the wall? What about against your guitar amps? Or do you put them back on guitar stands?

If you said anything other than “I put them back on the guitar stands they belong in,” then you’re going to have some problems. Here are a few reasons musicians should use guitar stands to store their precious instruments.

They Could Fall and Get Damaged.

The most obvious to get a guitar stand is to make sure your instrument doesn’t fall. If it does, it could hit the tuning keys and go out of tune, or worse, it could get damaged. Being too cheap or too lazy to get a stand is a terrible way to let an instrument get damaged.

They Keep Things Organized.

A guitar stand will make your music space much more organized. If your guitar is standing upright, it’s going to take a lot less space than if it were laying down in its case. This allows you to pack more sound equipment in, and also creates a more conducive environment for creativity.

The Necks Could Warp.

The best reason to get a guitar stand is to prevent your instrument’s neck from getting warped. No matter how slight the incline, gravity will pull and pull on the neck, causing it warp over time. Though a tech can easily fix a slightly warped neck for a small fee, they can only fix it so much. Given enough time, gravity could eventually make the guitar unplayable, believe it or not.

Guitar stands are some of the most important accessories for guitars musicians could have, as they protect precious sound equipment from getting damaged. If you’re not already using one, get one ASAP.

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