Four Fascinating Facts You’ll Never Believe About Video Marketing in 2014

Four Fascinating Facts You’ll Never Believe About Video Marketing in 2014

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Marketing videos and search engine optimization (SEO) are becoming increasingly intertwined at an incredible rate.

In fact, marketing your brand might just be the most effective way to both reach out to consumers and increase your website’s search-engine rankings.

There’s so much to video marketing and SEO that you might not even realize. Take a look at these four facts and statistics that show what video SEO optimization is all about:

Videos are mobile-friendly

Recently, mobile web browsing surpassed desktop browsing as the most popular way to access the Internet. And few mediums for content are as well-suited to mobile platforms as video is. They are easily accessible via mobile, and load just as fast on a smartphone or tablet as they would on a desktop browser.

Videos and search engines go hand-in-hand

Today’s biggest search engines overwhelmingly favor video marketing content over any other type of marketing or SEO content. This is evident in the fact that typical marketing videos will get an amazing 267% more links than other content, and videos appear in nearly 70% of Google’s top 100 searches.

People prefer to view video-based SEO content than read text-based content

People are naturally visual learners. Our brains respond faster to images and sounds than they do to text. Because of this, video on the web is extremely popular among users. In fact, a video on one’s website will keep a user on the page for as much as two minutes longer than they’d stay without the video.

Your competition is advertising with video

Did you know that approximately 81% of today’s top marketing executives are helping their clients improve their SEO rankings with marketing video content? At this point, it’s clear that pretty much everyone is investing in video and taking advantage of all it has to offer. By avoiding video, you’re letting your competition get a major head start on you.

How else has your company been able to benefit from marketing with video SEO services? Feel free to share with us in the comments. Links like this.

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