Three Ways That Elvis’ Live Performance in Hawaii Changed the World

Three Ways That Elvis’ Live Performance in Hawaii Changed the World

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Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Elvis Presley might just be one of — if not the biggest — musician and entertainer of all time.

And whether you’re just becoming a fan of Elvis Presley or you are a lifelong admirer of his music, movies and style, there are probably a few things you haven’t learned about Elvis Aloha From Hawaii and its impact on music history. Here are three facts about this iconic Elvis performance that will amaze you:

Elvis Aloha From Hawaii was viewed by millions

At the time of this performance’s airing, Elvis Presley may have been the biggest musician in the entire world. That’s why Aloha From Hawaii was broadcast via satellite to more than 40 different countries, spanning the entire globe. Some estimates state the concert’s viewership reached an unheard-of two billion viewers!

Elvis Aloha From Hawaii broke records

Elvis’ satellite broadcast of the Aloha From Hawaii concert was the first-ever live entertainment special to be aired around the world with satellite technology. In addition, it was the most expensive entertainment special of its time, costing approximately $2.5 million to produce.

Elvis’ performance spawned an iconic look

Elvis Presley might be just as well-known for his fashion sense as he’s known for his music. From his early days as a rock n’ roller with slicked-back hair to his heyday as a film star, he’s had a number of different looks and eras that remain influential to this day. You probably have seen his famous white jumpsuit before — and this costume was debuted during the Aloha From Hawaii performance! These days, the white jumpsuit is on display at his home in Memphis, Graceland.

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