Three Fun Things to Do This Weekend in Boise!

Three Fun Things to Do This Weekend in Boise!

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There is never a shortage of things to do with friends in Boise, Idaho. The city is jam-packed with exciting sights, plenty of restaurants, and outdoor adventures. There will likely be more than you can do in just a day or a weekend.

Here are some of the attractions in Boise you can enjoy with your buddies.

  1. Discovery Center of Idaho. This is a hand-on science center that offers a wide variety of exhibits that blow the mind. You can find out about why bubbles are multi-colored, how hurricanes are formed, and learn about centripetal force. These may seem like exhibits for younger children, but plenty of teenagers and adults frequent the DCI for its exciting, fun-filled activities.
  2. Middle Fork Wilderness Outfitters. One the best Boise attractions is the city’s natural surroundings. The rivers offer a great way to take in the breathtaking views of the greenery and mountainside, all the while enjoying rafting. If you contact Middle Fork Wilderness Outfitters, you can go an thrilling white water rafting adventure on the Salmon River. You can go as a group, or fit each of your friend with an inflatable kayak to rough the waters alone.
  3. Ceramica. This could be one of the most fun things to do with friends. If you and your friends love art, you can head to the his local artist hub, where you get to paint and create your own masterpieces. You can pick from any unfinished pottery piece, and choose from hundreds of paint colors and designs to decorate. These are placed in a kiln, and you can pick them up about a week later. You can develop a theme of designs with your friends, or be unique.
  4. These are only a few of places you can visit to have a good time. Why not also treat yourselves to one of the delicious restaurants in Boise, or even some of the best bars in Boise? Either way, you will all have a blast.

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