You’ll Never Guess Which Elvis Presley Concert Changed History

You’ll Never Guess Which Elvis Presley Concert Changed History

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Elvis Presley did a lot of influential things throughout his career, from the very first Elvis live performances on the Ed Sullivan Show to his seemingly-infinite track record of chart-topping hits.

But even in a career full of history-making moments, one performance still stands out: Elvis Aloha From Hawaii, which took place on January 14, 1973.

Do you know all that you think you do about the Elvis concert that changed music history? You might be a huge Elvis Presley fan, but these three facts about Elvis Aloha From Hawaii might amaze you nonetheless:

Aloha From Hawaii was the first concert to be broadcast live via satellite

When Elvis took to the stage for this concert, his every movement was being broadcast live to viewers in more than 40 countries around the globe who tuned in to watch the first-ever live concert satellite broadcast. This alone makes Elvis Aloha From Hawaii hold a significant place in music history. Every live satellite broadcast of a concert event from then on would be following in Elvis’ footsteps.

Aloha From Hawaii influenced fashion

Remember Elvis’ trademark bedazzled white jumpsuit with the eagle-shaped belt buckle? This costume actually made its first appearance during Elvis’ Aloha From Hawaii concert. In addition to the trademark sideburns from his later career, Elvis wore a lei during the concert to show some love for Hawaii, a state he loved to visit throughout his life.

Aloha From Hawaii was the most-viewed concert of its time

In addition to being the most expensive entertainment special of its time, Aloha From Hawaii was also by far the most-viewed live concert at the time. Some figures say as many as 1 billion or more people viewed the concert during its live broadcast! However, this figure has long been debated — regardless, it’s clear that millions tuned in to watch the King of Rock n’ Roll on their television sets.

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