Three of the Most Beginner Friendly Guitar Effects Pedals Around

Three of the Most Beginner Friendly Guitar Effects Pedals Around

Delay pedals

As your guitar skills get better, your musicianship matures. As your sense of musicality gets stronger, you likely want to have a more unique, complex tone. For this, you’re going to need to use some guitar effect pedals.

The only trouble is that there are so many different types of effects pedals out there that it can be pretty overwhelming at first.

So to help you navigate the dizzying world of guitar effects, here are a few of the most beginner-friendly effects pedals to consider getting.

Distortion Pedals.

Distortion pedals are one of the most popular types of effects pedals around. Chances are that four out of five of your favorite bands use them, if not more. However, there are several different sub-categories of guitar distortion effects pedals, so buying your first can be a little hairy. If you want something simple, get a regular distortion pedal. If you want some that’s more hard-hitting, get an overdrive pedal. If you want something that has a bit more of a classic, distorted sound, get a fuzz box.

Delay Pedals.

Delay pedals are sometimes called echo pedals because they create a sort of echo effect. They make your guitar sound like it’s playing in a big, huge, empty space. Many of these pedals come with controls that allow the musician to determine how long the delay is. The shorter it is, the more texture there is. The longer it is, the more interesting of an effect it is. These effect pedals are an awesome, subtle way to add more color to your tone, and are always a lot of fun.

Chorus Pedals.

A chorus pedal makes it sound like your guitar is playing with — you guessed it — a chorus. It emulates the sound of multiple guitars playing in harmony with yours, and consequentially makes your tone seem much bigger, and more epic.

If you want to upgrade your tone, you have to upgrade your sound equipment. With these effects pedals, you can take your musicianship to the next level, producing a sound that’s uniquely yours.

If you have any questions about effects pedals, feel free to ask in the comments.

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