5 Outdoor Party Ideas

5 Outdoor Party Ideas

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During the winter it can be hard to be locked inside for long periods of time, and one of the best ways to prepare for the first nice spring day is by planning an outdoor party. There are lots of cool services to facilitate a fun party to celebrate a range of activities, like illuminating your garden, terrace or swimming pool with LED indoor and outdoor lights. You should consider getting rental linens, which are high quality, elegant pieces like table cloths, table runners, napkins, sashes, and chair covers that contribute substantially to the style of your event.

Before you start planning all of the details for the perfect backyard party, you should think of some outdoor party ideas that will fascinate your guests. Here is a list of some of the coolest parties that you can get inspiration from when planning your next event.

    1. A destination party…in your backyard
    If you’re fascinated with the culture of another country, this is a great option to share your passion and interest with your guests. Consider having a British tea party in the afternoon, complete with chair cover rentals and an elegant tent, or have a theme that focuses on traditional gatherings in another culture. Whatever you choose, this is a unique way to educate people about another way of life while having a great time with your friends.

    2. A party for your pets
    Lots of people treat their dogs like their children, and throwing an event focused on your furry friends is a great way to show you care. You can set up an area for dogs to run around and play, which will give you time to hang out with other pet owners. It’s not often that pets are able to get together for a party, so this creative idea will definitely be a hit with all of your guests.

    3. A dance party
    You can throw an awesome dance party for your kids or your adult friends by getting an outdoor dance floor rental and setting it up outside. This is a great idea to have at night, and you can add fun extras like disco lights and a cool D.J. You can choose a theme for the music and style, like a certain era or location, or you can go with classic pop music and dance all night.

    4. An enchanted fairy party
    This one is great for young girls who love fairy tales, and you can choose their favorite story or create your own. You can have a party in the woods with beautiful lights and hanging decorations, and this event will stay in your daughter’s mind forever.

    5. Outdoor sleepover
    You don’t have to go camping to have an awesome party outdoors — you can set up an outdoor sleepover in your backyard. Kids will love the adventure of sleeping outside because it’s a new and exciting experience that will create a lasting memory.

Do you have any outdoor party ideas that you would like to share with others who are wondering where to begin? If you do, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Have a Ball With Ballroom Dancing

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What are the benefits of ballroom dancing, you may ask? Plenty. Taking ballroom dancing lessons is open for all ages. You can never be too young, or too old, for the dance studio!

A few tidbits of information that may grab your attention. First, ballroom dancing and dance studios in general are very popular. There are approximately 4,500 dance studios in the country which employ about 50,000 people. For such a specialty, the dance studio industry is booming! Second, ballroom dancing has a long and esteemed history. The term “ballroom dancing” is derived from the Latin word ballare, which means “to dance.” As early as the 1600s, ballroom dancing gained popularity (as well as a set of rules) with the masses. In fact, Louis XIV founded the Academie Royale de Danse in 1661, the first of its kind in the West. It was founded in order to “restore the art of dancing to its original perfection and to improve it as much as possible” and in doing so, created and codified proper courtly dancing. Needless to say, there is no shortage of expertise on ballroom dancing!

Third, for those of us in the 21st century, ballroom dancing is a great way to stay in shape. It improves flexibility, burns calories, increases strength and agility, and keeps your body in healthy condition. It is also a great cardio exercise in itself! In fact, studies have shown that it can even reduce physical as well as mental stress. With so many benefits, who can say no to ballroom dancing?

So, whether you are trying to learn a standout wedding dance, lose weight, or find something fun for your children to do, ballroom dancing is the perfect way to stay active and, more importantly, have fun doing it! Consider dance classes for kids to keep your children happy and fit.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom. We look forward to your input.
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8 Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and the months before it are usually packed with planning every detail of the big day. The most popular time of the year for weddings is May and June, but sometimes there are so many weddings that it can become hectic. Another choice for people who want their wedding day to stand out is to have a winter wedding. It’s important to save lots of money before making a commitment though, because the average cost of a wedding in the United States was almost $30,000 in 2012.

If you’re thinking of having a winter wedding but don’t know where to begin with planning, there are a few things you can do to get started. You’ll want to do some research online for wedding preparation tips and make sure everything you do falls within your predetermined wedding budgeting. One of the most important things is finding someone who is experienced in artistic wedding photography, because your wedding photos will last forever and you want to have a professional advise you on some fun wedding poses. Before you get too overwhelmed, here is a list of the top wedding tips and ideas for winter weddings.

    1. Find the perfect venue
    Especially if you’re getting married in the winter months, you have a chance to choose a location that no one will expect. You can have the reception in a historic castle, or maybe a famous theater. There’s no limit on the different venues you can browse.

    2. Pick beautiful rings
    This serves as a daily reminder of your lifelong commitment to your significant other, so don’t spare any expense when choosing wedding rings.

    3. Search for your dream gown
    Every bride imagines how she will look in a long, flowing white gown when she walks down the aisle on your wedding day. Do you want to look like a fairy princess or a powerful ruler? This is all up to you, and the options are endless.

    4. Pick your wedding party
    Who will be in your wedding party and how many people will it include? It largely depends on your wedding party what fun wedding poses you will choose, so think about it before making a decision.

    5. Plan the menu
    It’s important to consider what your guests will eat and you shouldn’t forget to tell the caterer (if you have one) about any dietary restrictions that your guests have. If you’re not sure what to serve, as the caterer or your wedding planner for some ideas.

    6. Hire a photographer
    An expert photographer will have tons of ideas for fun wedding poses that will make your pictures turn out beautifully. With the increasing popularity of camera phones, we snap as many photos every two minutes as we did throughout the entire 19th century, but you still need a professional to take the perfect pictures.

    7. Create an itinerary
    So much time and energy goes into planning this one day and lots of things can go wrong. You can minimize this risk by carefully planning an itinerary so everyone knows exactly when to play their part.

    8. Choose the invitations
    With all of the other things on this list, it’s important to remember to send out invitations. You’ll want to alert people about the date several months before so everyone on the guest list can plan ahead and be sure to attend your wedding. Find more.

You’ll Never Guess Which Elvis Presley Concert Changed History

Authentic elvis show

Elvis Presley did a lot of influential things throughout his career, from the very first Elvis live performances on the Ed Sullivan Show to his seemingly-infinite track record of chart-topping hits.

But even in a career full of history-making moments, one performance still stands out: Elvis Aloha From Hawaii, which took place on January 14, 1973.

Do you know all that you think you do about the Elvis concert that changed music history? You might be a huge Elvis Presley fan, but these three facts about Elvis Aloha From Hawaii might amaze you nonetheless:

Aloha From Hawaii was the first concert to be broadcast live via satellite

When Elvis took to the stage for this concert, his every movement was being broadcast live to viewers in more than 40 countries around the globe who tuned in to watch the first-ever live concert satellite broadcast. This alone makes Elvis Aloha From Hawaii hold a significant place in music history. Every live satellite broadcast of a concert event from then on would be following in Elvis’ footsteps.

Aloha From Hawaii influenced fashion

Remember Elvis’ trademark bedazzled white jumpsuit with the eagle-shaped belt buckle? This costume actually made its first appearance during Elvis’ Aloha From Hawaii concert. In addition to the trademark sideburns from his later career, Elvis wore a lei during the concert to show some love for Hawaii, a state he loved to visit throughout his life.

Aloha From Hawaii was the most-viewed concert of its time

In addition to being the most expensive entertainment special of its time, Aloha From Hawaii was also by far the most-viewed live concert at the time. Some figures say as many as 1 billion or more people viewed the concert during its live broadcast! However, this figure has long been debated — regardless, it’s clear that millions tuned in to watch the King of Rock n’ Roll on their television sets.

What’s your favorite Elvis performance? Want to know more about his live performance in Hawaii? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!

Three Reasons Every Musician Needs a Guitar Stand

Electric acoustic guitars

Where do you put your guitars when you’re playing them? Do you stick them back in their respective guitar cases? Do you lean them against the wall? What about against your guitar amps? Or do you put them back on guitar stands?

If you said anything other than “I put them back on the guitar stands they belong in,” then you’re going to have some problems. Here are a few reasons musicians should use guitar stands to store their precious instruments.

They Could Fall and Get Damaged.

The most obvious to get a guitar stand is to make sure your instrument doesn’t fall. If it does, it could hit the tuning keys and go out of tune, or worse, it could get damaged. Being too cheap or too lazy to get a stand is a terrible way to let an instrument get damaged.

They Keep Things Organized.

A guitar stand will make your music space much more organized. If your guitar is standing upright, it’s going to take a lot less space than if it were laying down in its case. This allows you to pack more sound equipment in, and also creates a more conducive environment for creativity.

The Necks Could Warp.

The best reason to get a guitar stand is to prevent your instrument’s neck from getting warped. No matter how slight the incline, gravity will pull and pull on the neck, causing it warp over time. Though a tech can easily fix a slightly warped neck for a small fee, they can only fix it so much. Given enough time, gravity could eventually make the guitar unplayable, believe it or not.

Guitar stands are some of the most important accessories for guitars musicians could have, as they protect precious sound equipment from getting damaged. If you’re not already using one, get one ASAP.

If you have any questions about guitar stands, feel free to ask in the comments. Continue.

Three Ways That Elvis’ Live Performance in Hawaii Changed the World

Elvis show

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Elvis Presley might just be one of — if not the biggest — musician and entertainer of all time.

And whether you’re just becoming a fan of Elvis Presley or you are a lifelong admirer of his music, movies and style, there are probably a few things you haven’t learned about Elvis Aloha From Hawaii and its impact on music history. Here are three facts about this iconic Elvis performance that will amaze you:

Elvis Aloha From Hawaii was viewed by millions

At the time of this performance’s airing, Elvis Presley may have been the biggest musician in the entire world. That’s why Aloha From Hawaii was broadcast via satellite to more than 40 different countries, spanning the entire globe. Some estimates state the concert’s viewership reached an unheard-of two billion viewers!

Elvis Aloha From Hawaii broke records

Elvis’ satellite broadcast of the Aloha From Hawaii concert was the first-ever live entertainment special to be aired around the world with satellite technology. In addition, it was the most expensive entertainment special of its time, costing approximately $2.5 million to produce.

Elvis’ performance spawned an iconic look

Elvis Presley might be just as well-known for his fashion sense as he’s known for his music. From his early days as a rock n’ roller with slicked-back hair to his heyday as a film star, he’s had a number of different looks and eras that remain influential to this day. You probably have seen his famous white jumpsuit before — and this costume was debuted during the Aloha From Hawaii performance! These days, the white jumpsuit is on display at his home in Memphis, Graceland.

Have any other favorite facts or pieces of knowledge about another Elvis show or about his live performance in Hawaii? Share with us by leaving a comment below! Learn more at this link.

Three of the Most Beginner Friendly Guitar Effects Pedals Around

Delay pedals

As your guitar skills get better, your musicianship matures. As your sense of musicality gets stronger, you likely want to have a more unique, complex tone. For this, you’re going to need to use some guitar effect pedals.

The only trouble is that there are so many different types of effects pedals out there that it can be pretty overwhelming at first.

So to help you navigate the dizzying world of guitar effects, here are a few of the most beginner-friendly effects pedals to consider getting.

Distortion Pedals.

Distortion pedals are one of the most popular types of effects pedals around. Chances are that four out of five of your favorite bands use them, if not more. However, there are several different sub-categories of guitar distortion effects pedals, so buying your first can be a little hairy. If you want something simple, get a regular distortion pedal. If you want some that’s more hard-hitting, get an overdrive pedal. If you want something that has a bit more of a classic, distorted sound, get a fuzz box.

Delay Pedals.

Delay pedals are sometimes called echo pedals because they create a sort of echo effect. They make your guitar sound like it’s playing in a big, huge, empty space. Many of these pedals come with controls that allow the musician to determine how long the delay is. The shorter it is, the more texture there is. The longer it is, the more interesting of an effect it is. These effect pedals are an awesome, subtle way to add more color to your tone, and are always a lot of fun.

Chorus Pedals.

A chorus pedal makes it sound like your guitar is playing with — you guessed it — a chorus. It emulates the sound of multiple guitars playing in harmony with yours, and consequentially makes your tone seem much bigger, and more epic.

If you want to upgrade your tone, you have to upgrade your sound equipment. With these effects pedals, you can take your musicianship to the next level, producing a sound that’s uniquely yours.

If you have any questions about effects pedals, feel free to ask in the comments.

The Top Three Visible Benefits to Dance Classes

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There are lots of reasons why people do not dance. Some people are uncomfortable drawing attention to themselves in public, but some people, more tragically, don’t see the point of it. There are lots of huge benefits to making a regular habit of dancing and it is important to be aware of them before forming an opinion one way or the other; here are some things you are missing out on if you refuse to bust a move every once in a while:

1. Exercise

When you visit a dance studio, you may have some purpose in mind, such as taking those first wedding dance lessons, but ballroom dancing lessons have more tangible benefits than simple practice at the style of dance. Dancing is a great way to exercise and can do a lot of work to keep a person in shape as well as providing an opportunity to improve posture and balance. Dancing is a full package workout that running or weight lifting may not offer.

2. Depression

Another big benefit to visiting a dance studio is that you may just legitimately feel better about yourself. Whether it is attributable to better self image from the workout or from learning new skills, dancing has been known to help individuals cope with and get over depression. Regular commitment to dancing can not only brighten your day as a fun activity, but put you in a better mood for the rest of the day as well!

3. Social

Finally, dancing is a great way to meet new people. Going to dance studios puts you in regular contact with people that all share a common interest with you. What better way is there to make friends than that? What most appeals to you about dancing? See this reference for more.

Four Fascinating Facts You’ll Never Believe About Video Marketing in 2014

Video marketing content

Marketing videos and search engine optimization (SEO) are becoming increasingly intertwined at an incredible rate.

In fact, marketing your brand might just be the most effective way to both reach out to consumers and increase your website’s search-engine rankings.

There’s so much to video marketing and SEO that you might not even realize. Take a look at these four facts and statistics that show what video SEO optimization is all about:

Videos are mobile-friendly

Recently, mobile web browsing surpassed desktop browsing as the most popular way to access the Internet. And few mediums for content are as well-suited to mobile platforms as video is. They are easily accessible via mobile, and load just as fast on a smartphone or tablet as they would on a desktop browser.

Videos and search engines go hand-in-hand

Today’s biggest search engines overwhelmingly favor video marketing content over any other type of marketing or SEO content. This is evident in the fact that typical marketing videos will get an amazing 267% more links than other content, and videos appear in nearly 70% of Google’s top 100 searches.

People prefer to view video-based SEO content than read text-based content

People are naturally visual learners. Our brains respond faster to images and sounds than they do to text. Because of this, video on the web is extremely popular among users. In fact, a video on one’s website will keep a user on the page for as much as two minutes longer than they’d stay without the video.

Your competition is advertising with video

Did you know that approximately 81% of today’s top marketing executives are helping their clients improve their SEO rankings with marketing video content? At this point, it’s clear that pretty much everyone is investing in video and taking advantage of all it has to offer. By avoiding video, you’re letting your competition get a major head start on you.

How else has your company been able to benefit from marketing with video SEO services? Feel free to share with us in the comments. Links like this.

How to Restring Your Acoustic Guitar

Guitar distortion

Most online music shops not only have musical instruments for sale, but also sell the necessary accessories that go with the instruments. The only trouble is that they don’t exactly show you how to use them.

So when you buy new guitar strings, you’re kind of on your own. To make matters worse, putting on new guitar strings is pretty difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Conversely, it’s a cinch if you know what to do.

Instead of struggling with your acoustic guitar, here’s a few tips to help.

Get Rid of the Old Strings.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to get rid of the old strings. turn your tuning keys down and down and down until the strings are loose. Then, reach in to your guitar and pop out the bridge pins, which are special little pieces of sound equipment that hold the strings in. Once those are out, you should be able to remove your strings.

Put the New Strings Into the Bridge Holes.

Now, bust out those new strings and put them in the appropriate bridge holes, capping them with the pins when done. Place your finger over the bridge pins and tug on the string to ensure that they’re in. This creates tension and will keep the string from falling out.

Thread the New Strings Through the Peg Holes.

Once your sound equipment has its new strings in, put them through their peg holes one at a time. Leave a good bit of slack, which will wind around the tuning peg, or else you’ll run out of string to tune. Then, turn the tuning key to the right (always the right), until it’s nice and taut on your sound equipment. Repeat this step for each string, and then tune your sound equipment, and there you have it!

Whether you’re a big fan of DR handmade strings, Dunlop guitar strings, or some other such brand, you can use these tips to restring your favorite piece of sound equipment quickly, and effectively. If you have any questions about restringing your prized piece of sound equipment, feel free to ask in the comments.