Paris Why It Isn’t Just For Lovers

Paris Why It Isn’t Just For Lovers

It’s one thing to travel on your own or with a partner. When a trip is all about adults, the options are endless. You can do whatever you want and not have to worry about entertaining the person you’re with, or keeping them safe. Traveling with kids is differ for several reasons. However, it would be wrong to say that traveling with kids is better or worse than traveling without them. When traveling to Pairs, parents have two options — leave their kids behind in another country — another time zone, for that matter — and let them miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity… Or accept that traveling with kids is their reality. For most parents, the first option is no option at all. There are many things that can be gained by visiting Paris with your kids. Certainly, your kids will never forget it and be forever grateful for the opportunity and the memories. Furthermore, of all the places in Europe, Paris is probably the most tourist friendly and therefore kid friendly. What’s most important is that you don’t view traveling with kids as a missed opportunity or a negative challenge. View it as a bonding experience for your entire family. With that being said, let’s look at a few ways you can have the best Paris vacation possible with your children.

Get The Right Accommodations In Paris

One thing is likely: you probably aren’t going to bee able to cram yourself in a tiny hotel when you have kids in tow. In the likely case that you’re traveling with a partner, you’ll want some privacy. This means separate bedrooms. Your kids would also probably appreciate television access, a living room area, and a kitchen. As amazing as Paris cuisine is, if you’re staying for an extended period of time, you probably won’t want to eat out every night. A kitchen and dining area is therefore a good idea. With that being said, luxury vacation rentals are a great idea. With that kind of space available, you’ll also have a place to keep your luggage and all the souvenirs you buy while shopping in Paris!

Think Outside The Box While Touring The City

There are many iconic tourist spots you’ll want to see when visiting Paris. You’ll definitely want to see the Eiffel tower. For sure, you’ll have to check out things like the famous crepes and croissants of Paris, and even check out Versailles, a short way out of the city. But don’t let the fact that you’re traveling with kids prevent you from visiting some more unique places. Children are smart enough to appreciate things like the Louvre, where they’ll see once-in-a-lifetime masterpieces like “Mona Lisa”. The Louvre is a great place to educate children and let them step back in time, with works from all over the world and throughout time. It remains the most visited museum in the world as of 2014, with 9.3 million visitors, 14 million hits on its website, and 2.3 million social network followers in that year alone. Another possibility would be the Catacombs, a nineteenth century underground tomb. These might be scary for younger children, but older kids will get a kick out of the spooky experience and appreciate its enormity; the Catacombs are 20 meters, or five stories, deep. If you want to show your kids a place that is famous for its romantic note, you may want to check out I Love You: The Wall in Montmartre. The wall will also teach the kids how to say “I love you” in 250 different languages. It’s certainly a beautiful sight!

Paris is a once in a lifetime experience. With that being said, it’s not just for adults. Anyone can love Paris. Don’t let your kids miss out. Give them the chance the love Paris the way you will. You’ll be so glad you did!

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