Remove the Background Noise of Confusion Clear Cut Tips for Successful Instagram Marketing

Remove the Background Noise of Confusion Clear Cut Tips for Successful Instagram Marketing

Since its advent in 2005 or so, social media has come a really long way. Just think — there was no such thing as a “selfie” back in the day, but now, they’ve become such an important part of most people’s everyday life, along with taking pictures of their food for the whole world to see. It’s safe to say that social media has become so ingrained into modern day life that’s it’s hard to imagine life without it. But as do most things on this planet, social media has grown and evolved far beyond it’s social roots.

Social media is now a highly effective form of digital marketing, as it allows consumers to engage with their favorite brands in authentic, intimate ways that were once never thought possible. It gives consumers a sense of power that they’ve never had before, while allowing to form meaningful connections with the brands they support. But not all social media platforms are created equal in terms of marketing, with some being more effective than others depending upon the needs of the brand and the goals they’re trying to achieve.

It’s often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words — or more — and the social media platform Instagram is prime example of this. Brands use this picture based social platform as a way of telling their stories through imagery in stunning, unique ways. And since people are such visual creatures, it’s no wonder why brands that know how to use Instagram are so widely successful. The popularity of Instagram in terms of digital and mobile marketing only serves to prove the point that a picture really is worth a thousand words — or in this case, likes.

So how do they do it? How can you use Instagram to better market your brand and reach your customer base as an entrepreneur? Start with taking better pictures. Here’s how!

Go pro

Sometimes it pays to turn to a professional instead of wasting time on a fruitless do it yourself hack that’s bound to go sideways. Though there are a variety of apps you can download to enhance your photos before posting them to the ‘Gram, nothing beats professional photo editing services for photographers, but amateur and professional. You might be able to remove the background from a photo using an app with mixed results, but when it comes to creating a professional mask in order to remove the background from a photograph, you’re better off with hiring a professional photo editor or Photoshop guru. In addition to knowing how to remove the background, a professional photo editor has a keen, trained eye that can enhance your photos far beyond than what an app is capable of. Whether it’s knowing how to remove the background, restore an old photo in order for it to be scanned and posted, or simply correcting the tone, photo editors are the unsung heroes of Instagram fame!

Plan, plan, and plan some more

You know that saying proper planning prevents poor performance? Well, it really applies to snapping photos for Instagram. Although everyone enjoys candid photos on the fly, location scouting is an absolute must. It’s also important to take the time learn at least the basics of photography, such as how to frame an image and maybe even a bit about how color and light work. It’s also important to think outside of the box, or at least the app that is. You don’t have to use the app to shoot all of your photos — go beyond the app for more freedom and artistic flexibility. You may still have to hire a professional to remove the background, especially if ruins the shot, but the important thing is to find a captivating location.

Hashtag hacks

Learn how to use hashtags correctly and use them wisely! Keep them short, snappy, and to the point but have fun being creative and using different plays on words. It definitely pays to take a look around at other popular hashtags in order to get a sense of what’s trending, what’s hot, and what’s not. Again, it’s all about proper preparation to stay ahead!

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