Month: March 2017

How Celebrity Gossip Can Improve Your Business’ Marketing Campaign

What do you know about the latest celebrity gossip? If you’re looking to go into journalism or a media-related career field, it’s time to brush up on celeb news. This means being aware of everything from music to fashion to acting, all the better to spread awareness and keep people hyped for the next big thing. While common stereotypes abound of celebrity gossip being shallow or without impact, the reality of the matter is quite different. Celebrity news is a popular way of staying connected to the world’s latest events as well as staying connected to art and trends.


To be familiar with celebrity news is to be up-to-date on all the Read More

The Secret To Buying Good Sports Tickets At Fair Prices

It can be difficult to buy sport tickets sometimes, especially if your team is particularly popular. A team doesn’t have to be “successful” in a traditional sense to be popular, either. The Padres could have a terrible season, and diehard fans would still be clamoring for tickets. The issue with buying sports tickets isn’t so much their original prices, though those can certainly rise depending on the game and the point in the season in which it is played. The issue lies more in how quickly those tickets sell out, and at what resellers sell them. Resellers know that there’s a lot of money to be made in buying up a large amount of tickets and selling them after the original seller has sold out. S Read More