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Remove the Background Noise of Confusion Clear Cut Tips for Successful Instagram Marketing

Since its advent in 2005 or so, social media has come a really long way. Just think — there was no such thing as a “selfie” back in the day, but now, they’ve become such an important part of most people’s everyday life, along with taking pictures of their food for the whole world to see. It’s safe to say that social media has become so ingrained into modern day life that’s it’s hard to imagine life without it. But as do most things on this planet, social media has grown and evolved far beyond it’s social roots.

Social media is now a highly effective form of digital marketing, as it allows consumers to engage with their favorite brands in authentic, intimate ways that were once never thought possible. It gives consumers a sense of power that they’ve never had before, while allowing to form meaningful connections with the brands they support. But not all social media platforms are created equal in terms of marketing, with some being more effective than others depending upon the needs of the brand and the goals they’re trying to achieve.

It’s often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words — or more — and the social media platform Instagram is prime example of this. Brands use this picture based social platform as a way of telling their stories through imagery in stunning, unique ways. And since people are such visual creatures, it’s no wonder why brands that know how to use Instagram are so widely successful. The popularity of Instagram in terms of digital and mobile marketing only serves to prove the point that a picture really is worth a thousand words — or in this case, likes.

So how do they do it? How can you use Instagram to better market your brand and reach your customer base as an entrepreneur? Start with taking better pictures. Here’s how!

Go pro

Sometimes it pays to turn to a professional instead of wasting time on a fruitless do it yourself hack that’s bound to go sideways. Though there are a variety of apps you can download to enhance your photos before posting them to the ‘Gram, nothing beats professional photo editing services for photographers, but amateur and professional. You might be able to remove the background from a photo using an app with mixed results, but when it comes to creating a professional mask in order to remove the background from a photograph, you’re better off with hiring a professional photo editor or Photoshop guru. In addition to knowing how to remove the background, a professional photo editor has a keen, trained eye that can enhance your photos far beyond than what an app is capable of. Whether it’s knowing how to remove the background, restore an old photo in order for it to be scanned and posted, or simply correcting the tone, photo editors are the unsung heroes of Instagram fame!

Plan, plan, and plan some more

You know that saying proper planning prevents poor performance? Well, it really applies to snapping photos for Instagram. Although everyone enjoys candid photos on the fly, location scouting is an absolute must. It’s also important to take the time learn at least the basics of photography, such as how to frame an image and maybe even a bit about how color and light work. It’s also important to think outside of the box, or at least the app that is. You don’t have to use the app to shoot all of your photos — go beyond the app for more freedom and artistic flexibility. You may still have to hire a professional to remove the background, especially if ruins the shot, but the important thing is to find a captivating location.

Hashtag hacks

Learn how to use hashtags correctly and use them wisely! Keep them short, snappy, and to the point but have fun being creative and using different plays on words. It definitely pays to take a look around at other popular hashtags in order to get a sense of what’s trending, what’s hot, and what’s not. Again, it’s all about proper preparation to stay ahead!

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The Professional Skills DJS Las Vegas Have That Make Them so Much Money

Think back to when you were a little kid — even if it was a really long time ago and it’s hard to remember. What did you want to be when you grew up? What was your dream? And now that you’re trying your hand at adulting — how close are you to being who you wanted to be as a child? If you’re anything like most people, you’re a bit far off from being the person you dreamt you would be, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Instead, think of it as being almost like an adventure of self discovery. You get to be a kid all over again. Yaaaay!

Most children are extremely intuitive and in touch with their own personalities. If take a look at all your passions as an adult, it’s easy to see how they were rooted in your childhood. For example, many people that become make up artists later in life may always e Read More

Community Street Murals to be Removed From Private Art School In San Francisco

The building that used to be a Boys and Girls Club on Page Street in San Francisco has been the home of six beautiful street murals for over seven years. Unfortunately, the building changed ownership earlier this year and is now home to a private arts school, Fei Tien Academy, that plans on removing the beloved street murals, according to the daily San Francisco neighborhood news site

The school says that they are being removed in order to make room for new windows into the school’s classrooms, but the creator behind the community art projects, Sharon Virtue, was not happy with the news.

“The new owners are going to pull out the murals, despite my request for them not to and local neighbors rallying hard to find them a new home,” Virtue wrote in an email to friends and supporter Read More

How to Plan a Great Casino Party

Casino party

Do you play poker? If you do, you have some good company. Globally, approximately 40 million people regularly play poker. About 10 million people have visited a casino in the last 12 months and player poker. Each year, nearly 37 million people go to Las Vegas. Blackjack is played in casinos in 140 countries. Playing cards is a popular thing to do. So, when planning your next party, why not host a casino party? If you are looking for corporate event ideas, a casino party might be perfect.

If you want to host a casino party:

  1. Go with professional dealers. You should be able to find some in most cities. This will really enhance the experience for your guests. This may be pricey but if you have the money for it, it will be worth it. The next best thing is to get friends who really know poker (or blackjack). The bottom line is that the people who deal at your party should be people who really know the game you are playing. Dealing cards is not as simple as placing cards in front of someone. Your casino night party will go off much better if the dealers get that.
  2. Get more authentic casino stuff. You can rent all sorts of equipment from craps tables to poker tables. Maybe you want a roulette wheel. Check around and see what’s available in your area to make your casino party really special and then think about what games you want to feature.
  3. Do you want a theme within a theme? Las Vegas is full of themed casinos. There’s the Paris casino. The New York casino has a roller coaster on top. Maybe your casino party can also have a mini theme.  You can decorate your casino in a style you like and then serve appropriate food.  This is a fun way to go the extra mile for your guests. They will appreciate it.
  4. Host a casino night fundraiser. These are great ways to make money for a charity. You can go about this a number of different ways. People can buy their way into games or you can charge to get in and have that include a set number of chips. These events allow people to have the fun of Las Vegas while doing something good for their karma and your charity.

Hosting a casino party can be a lot of fun but it can also cost a lot of money. Before you start looking into anything, write up a budget and stick to it. In addition to the games and whatnot, you have to remember food and beverages. You want to make sure people have a place to park. There are a lot of details that go into planning any party and this is no different. Just give it all some thought in terms of what games you want to highlight and what you want to accomplish and then have a great time. Check out this website for more.

3 Reasons To Take Up Dancing

First wedding dance lessons

As a species, we’ve been into dancing for over 9,000 years. The ancient Egyptians shook what their mamas gave them both for fun and to enhance religious rituals. Dancing dudes have been pointed out on ancient cave paintings in India, and the same evidence of wiggling to music can be traced consistently across all cultures and continents up until the present day.

This all being said, “America–2015” isn’t a great time or place for dancing proficiency. When once it was considered gauche if you didn’t take ballroom dancing lessons, ballroom dancing and swing dance has degenerated into perfunctory dance classes for kids who grow up to awkwardly sway to the Top 40 at parties. Just because dancing has fallen out of mainstream fashion however doesn’t mean you shouldn’t inquire at a local dance studio about lessons. Below are three reasons to be a trend setter in your community and start moving those feet!:

1. Dancing is good for your body. To put it simply, any kind of dancing is a full body workout that promotes heart health and cardiovascular endurance. In fact, one Persian court dancer for Alexander the Great remarked that in order to be really good, “one had to train as hard a soldier.” (We should probably trust this account, since he was surrounded by soldiers and no one laughed at him for that assessment). Dancing can also help to keep your bones, tendons, and muscles strong and stave off ambulatory problems as you age.

2. Dancing is good for your mind. Recent studies suggest that habitual participation in dancing can release more endorphins in the brain, which can reduce the destructive symptoms of depression. Additionally, the New England Journal of Medicine hypothesizes that the act of dancing and learning steps may strengthen memory and reduce your chances of developing dementia later in life. In other words, you could live longer and be happier while living if only you’d learn the Foxtrot like you’ve always been meaning to. Finally…

3. Dancing is cool. Despite our general apathy as a culture to dancing right now, there is still one great platform to show off your epic dance skills. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, go to youtube right now and type in “wedding dance.” Hundreds of videos will immediately pop up; “Epic Mother Son Wedding Dance,” “Surprise Wedding Dance Sri Lanka,” “The Most Amazing Wedding Dance EVER”…the list goes on and on. Now click on any one of these videos, and try not to feel both impressed and fuzzy inside.

I bet they move you. Because there’s something about learning choreography and then showing it off as a testament to a couple’s love that touches something ancient in us. Like the cave painters, the Egyptians, the ancient Persians, and the old-timey Americans, we still have the desire to get down somewhere in our hearts. We just need to follow our instincts.

How to Choose the Best Oahu Tour Company

Uss missouri tour

If you’re looking at Oahu tours, you’ll find you have a lot of options in terms of tour companies. How can you figure out which one will give you the best experience — especially if you’re planning your trip from thousands of miles away and can’t just stop by their offices? Here are five things to look for:

  1. A Good Reputation

    Reputation counts for a lot in Hawaii, and it’s a relatively small community. If you have any sort of personal contacts in the islands, it’s actually quite likely they will have an opinion on the major tour companies. But even if you’re doing your search from the mainland, you can take advantage of online reviews and such.

  2. Online Responsiveness

    You don’t have to limit your online contact to passive readings of reviews, either. Engage with a company on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get a sense of how it operates. How responsive the company is to online queries will also help you to gauge the level of customer service a tour company offers.

  3. Transparent Costs

    There are so many different types of tours that it’s difficult to set a number on a “fair” price for tours on the island. But one thing you should be sure about is that a company is transparent about its costs, making it clear what’s included, if any fees will be collected on the day, whether refunds are available, and if you’re expected to tip.

  4. Small Tour Groups

    Small group tours are the absolute best way to experience Oahu. Even though Honolulu is a major city, that feeling melts away even just a few miles outside town. You’ll be far more able to experience that natural beauty and learn about the history of the island on a small guided tour than on a big tour bus.

  5. Local Ownership

    If you’re booking Oahu tours, it makes sense that you’d want your money to go into the local economy instead of an overseas corporation. Tour companies owned by locals are also far more likely to give you an authentic experience, helping you to truly immerse yourself in Oahu’s unique culture.

Do you have any other tips on picking out Oahu tours and tour services? Join the discussion in the comments.

3 Oahu Opportunities You Won’t Want to Miss on Your Vacation

Majestic circle island tour

There are so many things to do on Oahu, the “Gathering Isle” of Hawaii, that it can be overwhelming to plan an itinerary. Some of the more heavily advertised tourist spots are overrated, but there are some experiences you truly won’t want to miss. Here are three you should fit into your schedule, no matter how long or short your visit to the island is:

  • Horseback Riding in the Country

    Honolulu is a major city, with the metropolitan area housing well over 900,000 people. But once you take a short ride out of the densely packed urban core, you’ll be amazed at how peaceful and laid-back the island is. At most of the places offering horseback riding on Oahu, the experience you’ll get won’t remotely resemble a mainland-style trail ride. If you plan ahead, you’ll be able to find a spot that caters to your experience level, even if you’re a complete beginner. But if you’re up for a bit more adventure, you can also choose guided rides that allow you to canter across the lush beauty of Oahu’s back country. Note that the local bus system (actually called TheBus) can be somewhat unreliable, so it’s best to book transportation with a tour service if you want to make your scheduled ride on time.

  • North Shore Shrimp and Shave Ice

    You can take your pick of either guided tours or a more free-form experience of the North Shore, one of the world’s most famed surf spots. You can see the honu, sea turtles, on Turtle Beach — just don’t try to touch them, as they’re endangered — or enjoy the fine, light gold sand at Waimea Bay. The North Shore is also known for its casual but delicious culinary experiences, so you won’t want to miss out there. Pick up some shrimp from one of the several lunch trucks in the area, and satisfy your sweet tooth with a shave ice (if you want to avoid looking like a tourist, make sure you don’t call it “shaved” ice).

  • Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Tours

    No trip to Oahu is complete without a Pearl Harbor visit, whether or not you have a sustained interest in military history. Even if you generally prefer to just soak in an environment, rather than visit specific attractions, this solemn site offers education tours and quiet contemplation that make a Pearl Harbor visit both inspiring and humbling. The USS Arizona, over which is built the iconic bridge-like memorial, is the final resting place for many of the 1,177 crewmen who lost their lives in the Dec. 7, 1941, attack.

What besides horseback riding, North Shore and Pearl Harbor visits are you considering for your Oahu vacation? Discuss or share your favorite local spots in the comments.

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Best Benefits of Dancing

Dance studio

One of the best things about dance studios is how cool it is to participate in a group activity that can foster social connections that you will probably value forever. The history of dance studios is long and varied, and during the late 17th century, specific rules were formed for ballroom dancing when Louis XIV founded the Academie Royale de Musique et de Danse. The good news is that dance thankfully prevails today, and studies show that regularly participating in dance activities may help reduce or improve the symptoms of depression. Whether you go to a dance studio to learn more information about ballroom dancing lessons or a wedding dance, you are sure to be intrigued by the culture and people surrounding dance.

From 2001 to 2011, there was a 35% increase in the number of Americans taking ballroom dancing classes. Also, dance classes for kids became a lot more popular because people were interested in teaching their kids the basics of how to learn about a new lifestyle and creative art that could possible even lead to a professional life as a great and world renowned dancer. If you are someone who is interested in learning more about life as a great dancer who doesn’t think about anything other than the art of dance, you should definitely keep reading this article. Here are some great insights on the myths about what it might be life to be a professional dancer.

    1. Dancing is super hard and impossible for anyone who is not a professional.
    This totally isn’t true because even if you are not a pro dancer you should seriously try at least some dancing moves. If you are interesting in learning more about the art of dancing then you should contact a professional in your area.

    2. You should not even try to dance if you don’t know how.
    If you don’t know how to dance then possible the greatest news is that you can learn very quickly. You can simply strive to dance and practice every single day and these things will make you a super great professional dancer. If you want to learn more then you should talk to a professional in your area.

What are your thoughts on the world of professional dancing? Do you think it’s worth it to just simply take the best advice from people who know all about dancing, which generally says that people who dance will be super talented and will know all about dance lessons? If you have any thoughts or advice, we would definitely love to hear about it, so please share your experiences by leaving a detailed and interesting comment below. Research more like this.

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Our Place Community Ministries Hosts Fundraiser with Silent Auction for ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ on Jan 29

Table renting

Our Place Community Ministries and the Gonzaga Theatre Arts Department are pleased to invite community members to the Preview Night Fundraiser for the production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” on Thursday, January 29 at 6 p.m.

The event will take place the night of musical’s premier at Gonzaga University’s Magnuson Theatre. Tickets are $25 and include appetizers, wine and a silent auction.

The play will begin at 7:30 p.m. after the reception. This production is directed by Suzanne Ostersmith, MFA, the university’s Director of the Dance Program.

The Our Place Community Ministries fundraiser has been in the works for some time in order to get all the details perfect, especially for the food and activities. The ministry has worked with the Gonzaga University Theatre Arts Department and sponsors to ensure a lively event for local theatre lovers.

Local sponsors include Cascade Windows and the Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund, along with Albertsons, Auntie’s Book Store, Kizuri, Main Market Co-op, Merlyn’s Spokane, Molina Healthcare, Saranac Public House, Sodexo and Wonders of the World.

Tickets may be purchased at by clicking the “Donate Now” button and designating money for tickets for play; by calling Our Place at 509-326-7267; or stopping by the ministry at 1509 W. College Ave., Spokane, WA 99201.

“Jesus Christ Superstar” is a 1970 rock opera written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice that first premiered on Broadway in 1971. The play is loosely based on the Gospel’s accounts of the last week of Jesus’s life, also known as the Passion of Christ, and follows his journey from his arrival in Jerusalem leading up to his crucifixion.

Our Place Community Ministries is located in West Central Spokane and operates an emergency service center that provides food, clothing, and other items to people in need. The center operates a food bank and clothing bank and provides classes, bus passes, bedding items, hygiene products and utility assistance to area residents, most of whom are elderly, disabled or children. Great references here. Research more like this.

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A Magical Solution for Party Entertainment

Trade show magician

Finding entertainment for birthday parties or professional get-togethers can be harder than it sounds. Bands are often expensive to book, and require extra time to set-up their gear, and some people are terrified of clowns. One of the easiest solutions is to hire a magician. There are many different types of magician, and each one has specific strengths or weaknesses, making them suitable to perform at different types of party.

The first thing people think of when they hear the term “magician” is the close-up magician, who is often the best magicians for birthday parties. With sleight-of-hand, card tricks, and pulling rabbits out of hats, a close-up magician works closely with the audience. They often utilize misdirection to wow their audience, and can be quite thrilling for a younger audience. Most of a close-up magician’s supplies can be packed away into a suitcase at the end of the show, making set-up and clean-up simple.

Illusionists tend to work on a larger scale, often requiring a stage. Common performances by illusionists involve levitation, disappearing from one spot to reappear somewhere else, and the ever-popular sawing a person in half. Illusionists are better suited to be entertainment for corporate events, due to the larger stage and crowd requirements.

If your corporate event is smaller in scale, but you don’t want to hire a magician who performs close-up magic, fear not! A corporate mentalist or hypnotist might be the best option for you. A mentalist specializes in tricks such as mind reading or advanced memory training. Personality profiles and body language analysis are also usually part of a mentalist’s routine. Hypnosis can be a fun ice breaker for participants, and funny to watch for the audience.

If you have been put in charge of planning a party or corporate event, remember that finding a private party entertainer may not be as hard as it sounds after all. Whether you decide to hire a magician, an illusionist, or a mentalist, they are sure to be the hit of the event. Read this website for more information.