How To Make Fashionable Face Mask Leopard Print Sewing

How To Make Fashionable Face Mask Leopard Print Sewing

With the coronavirus still out there, many people are still wearing masks for the sake of their safety and other people’s safety. One hobby that some people have picked up since being at home is making their own masks to sell to their friends and neighbors. What came along with this was many people who wanted to make masks fashionable so that when you went out you weren’t embarrassed by what you were putting onto your face. What’s become extremely popular are leopard print face masks. To make your own masks you’ll have to find your sewing machine and dust it off.

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The first thing you’ll need to do is find the materials you need to be able to make the masks. You’ll need elastic bands to go around your head, you’ll also need thin metal wire for the bridge of a person’s nose, and you’ll also need the actual cheetah print material to make the mask you’re looking for. Once you have everything gathered up, it’s only a matter of combining all the materials to get the type of mask you’re looking for. Although the cheetah print is quite popular, there are countless amount of designs to choose from.

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