The Emperors Carpet Then and Now

The Emperors Carpet Then and Now

The Emperor’s Carpet is one of the most luxurious and world-renown rugs of all time. It’s craftsmanship and historic significance span hundreds of years, making it a prized possession for any museum lucky enough to display it in their exhibitions. One of the most interesting aspects of this rug is the substantial upkeep required to keep it in a displayable condition. Excellent rug repair and conservation efforts are on full display in this rug, and this video gives us an inside looks on the years of care and love invested into keeping this rug as magnificent as it was in 16th century.

The Emperor’s Carpet is one of the most prestigious Persian carpets in the MET’s collection, being used is the ancient Imperial Court as a magnificent statement piece. The MET got their hands on the rug in 1943, after various owners including the Hapsburgs received it from modern-day Iran.

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Despite the years of wear and tear, the rug remains in magnificent condition. The dyework and intricate designs tell us that it has always been a very important piece, even if some areas are reconstructed by patchwork.


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