Discover The Burnishing Tool

Discover The Burnishing Tool

In this video, you will learn what do you use a burnishing tool for. It can be a tricky thing to explain, but this video runs through it in understandable terms. Professor John Ahr is the instructor. There are a lot of types of burnishing tools.

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Some of them are straight, other ones are curved. If you have ever done stone setting, you might have worked with one before. This piece of copper has a lightly sanded finish on it. The burnishing tool can help apply the shiny finish to it. Burnishing tools can be used for stone-setting operations. The perfect tool for smoothing a bezel. But, burnishers have a number of other uses. The tool can be a labor-saving device that will quickly fix a number of common jewelry-making issues. Jewelers use the burnishing tools most for smoothing things out. You can smooth out minor dents and knicks to jewelry, instead of having to take any stones out or make any heated changes. No tool will come out of the box perfect. They need to be tuned up. If you keep watching this video, you will see that you should sand your burnishing tools so that they are performing beautifully for you.

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