Four Reasons Why Elvis Presley Still Matters

Four Reasons Why Elvis Presley Still Matters

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For decades, Elvis Presley was the biggest rock n’ roll musician in the world. His contributions to other genres like gospel and country were also significant. Thanks to his electric, trademark Elvis performances, he became a true music icon. Since his untimely death in 1977, his fame and reputation has only grown, and he remains one of the biggest names in music history to this day.

But do you know just how much of a presence Elvis Presley continues to be nearly 40 years after his death?

Here are the top four facts and figures that show why Elvis Presley still matters:

1. Authentic Elvis shows are still performed around the world: From Hawaii, where he performed the first globally-broadcast concert via satellite, to Tokyo, people everywhere flock to see authentic Elvis-inspired performances.

2. Elvis Presley remains a top earner: In 2012, he came in second on Forbes magazine’s list of top-earning dead musicians — second only to Michael Jackson. That same year, he earned approximately $55 million.

3. Graceland has been a top tourist destination for decades: Presley’s home, called “Graceland,” still stands in Memphis, Tennessee and remains an in-demand spot for fans and music buffs from around the world. More than 18 million people have visited Elvis Presley’s home in the last 30 years. Graceland generates about $32 million in revenues each year.

4. Elvis lives on through his music: Elvis Presley’s music continues to be listened to by people everywhere today. As recently as 2005, three of his singles went to the top of the charts in the United Kingdom. He is second to only The Beatles in number of albums sold worldwide.

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