Month: May 2014

Find a Great Dance Studio in Your Local Area

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The phrase “ballroom dancing” has Latin origins in the word “ballare” that simply means “to dance.” In ancient times, people in Egypt danced both in religious observances and simply for fun. Today, the broad tradition of dance is alive and well, and America is no exception. Dance studios here are expected to see a total expansion of about 13% beginning from 2012 until the year 2022.

The dance industry in this country includes about 8,404 dance studios, and about 48,860 people in the United States work in the field of dance. But whether you’re talking about dance classes for kids or wedding dance lessons, what other benefits are there to the activity?

For one, the Journal of Applied Gerontology discovered consistent dancing in one’s life may be able to lower the amount of stress in one’s life. Similarly, dancing may be able to counteract depression. It is certainly a great way to stay physically active and meet people at the same time.

Perhaps you are looking for regularly scheduled ballroom dancing lessons. Or maybe you just want to learn how to dance better for your big wedding day. Whatever the exact reasoning, you can leave questions, comments, or recommendations regarding dance studios in the forum below. Continue reading here.

Three Types of Pedals and What Tones You Should Use Them For

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It’s not uncommon for musicians to go to online guitar stores and spend thousands on guitar multi effects pedals and other pieces of sound equipment just to get the perfect tone–to get the guitar distortion of their dreams. While guitar effect pedals will certainly increase the range of options you have, they’ll be no good if you don’t know how to use them!

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of three different kinds of guitar distortion available so that you have a more thorough working knowledge and can put them to better use.


A booster pedal is basically just a straightforward preamp used to increase the signal of the guitar for louder, cleaner sounding solos, or to overdrive the amp, which produces natural distortion. They’re typically used in conjunction with the guitar–like an extra part of the instrument. These kinds of guitar distortion pedals have gone a little out of vogue, but there are still contemporary versions that can offer the classic, vintage tones as well as newer, “cleaner” models. If you use a tube amp, you can use a Booster pedal to overdrive it and get some awesomely vintage sounding guitar distortion.


Fuzz boxes have been around even longer than boosters, and were originally created to let guitarists mimic the raspy tones of a saxophone. Unlike boosters, fuzz pedals have their own unique tone that they slather all over your guitar’s sound. Most only have two dials that you can play around with, so they’re relatively simple to use. If you like the stylings of songs like “When the Music’s Over” by The Doors or Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,” then try using a fuzz box to enhance your guitar distortion.


Overdrive pedals try to replicate the sound of an overdriven amp, as their name implies. Most of the guitar distortion you hear in the heavier stuff nowadays uses overdrive. You can use an overdrive pedal to add more girth and grit to your guitar distortion, or you can even use one to replace your amp’s tones. (If you want to do the latter, all you have to do is switch to a clean channel.)

Booster pedals, fuzz boxes, and overdrive pedals are three of the most essential tools you can have to sculpt and perfect your signature tone. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Find out more at this site.

Find a Great Photographer to Capture Your Wedding

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Are you planning for your wedding and thinking about various wedding photo ideas? Perhaps you are budgeting for a wedding and you are in need of artistic wedding photography that fits a certain price range the typical price tag on an American wedding in the year 2012 was about $28,400). It makes sense to look for creative wedding photographers who can offer you fun wedding poses, something different than just the conventional wedding pictures.

Fortunately, about 224,893 individuals work in the photography industry in America, an industry that brings in about $10 billion. That means that you likely have many different options when it comes to choosing the right photographer for your wedding.

There are of course certain tips for choosing a wedding photographer that it may make sense to follow
. For one, you’ll definitely want to choose a professional who has worked at countless weddings. This kind of familiarity will only help her or him to capture all the important shots and to do so in a way that makes the wedding party feel at ease. Also, you’ll want to find a photographer whose style matches your own.

Photography has come a long way since its beginnings. In just two minutes, the same number of photographs are taken today as were taken in all of the 19th century. And the world record for the lengthiest photo negative is 129 feet.

If you have questions, comments, or tips with regard to fun wedding poses or how to find a great wedding photographer, feel free to share your thoughts in the section below. To see more, read this.

Four Reasons Why Elvis Presley Still Matters

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For decades, Elvis Presley was the biggest rock n’ roll musician in the world. His contributions to other genres like gospel and country were also significant. Thanks to his electric, trademark Elvis performances, he became a true music icon. Since his untimely death in 1977, his fame and reputation has only grown, and he remains one of the biggest names in music history to this day.

But do you know just how much of a presence Elvis Presley continues to be nearly 40 years after his death?

Here are the top four facts and figures that show why Elvis Presley still matters:

1. Authentic Elvis shows are still performed around the world: From Hawaii, where he performed the first globally-broadcast concert via satellite, to Tokyo, people everywhere flock to see authentic Elvis-inspired performances.

2. Elvis Presley remains a top earner: In 2012, he came in second on Forbes magazine’s list of top-earning dead musicians — second only to Michael Jackson. That same year, he earned approximately $55 million.

3. Graceland has been a top tourist destination for decades: Presley’s home, called “Graceland,” still stands in Memphis, Tennessee and remains an in-demand spot for fans and music buffs from around the world. More than 18 million people have visited Elvis Presley’s home in the last 30 years. Graceland generates about $32 million in revenues each year.

4. Elvis lives on through his music: Elvis Presley’s music continues to be listened to by people everywhere today. As recently as 2005, three of his singles went to the top of the charts in the United Kingdom. He is second to only The Beatles in number of albums sold worldwide.

How to Find the Right Party Bus

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It is a big night for you your friends as your buddy is about to have his 30th birthday. In order to ensure that your friends night is a memorable one, check out a birthday party bus. A birthday party bus is a safe, effective way for everyone to travel to a big event together.

Getting there is at least half the fun with a party bus! A luxury bus rental can be perfect for a variety of events, whether you are leaving the state or going up the street. Party buses are great for casino or winery trips. A birthday party bus is especially perfect for those planning a night on the town. If you are going out, a small party bus ensures everyone can have a fun night out without having to worry about driving.

If you have an extra-large party, you can mix and match buses from the fleet in order to accommodate everyone in style. Renting a party bus can be fun, but make sure to do your research to find the right company. The best party bus companies are customer-friendly, allowing them to pick the meeting place and how long the rental lasts. If you are concerned about safety, contact a the Better Business Bureau. They will have safety ratings and reviews of local bus rental companies.

A party bus provides safe, reliable and fun transportation to bars, clubs, restaurants, or just around town. One of the major advantages of hiring a party bus is that everyone gets to have fun without worrying about DUIs. Also, if you are in a big group, you do not have to worry about everyone getting to their event on time. Imagine not having to pay for parking or even gas.

A birthday party bus can be perfect for those who want to go on a trip out of town, or a fun night right around the corner. You do not have to worry about driving and parking thanks to luxury bus companies. Check out a birthday party bus and enjoy a memorable night out. To see more, read this.

How Corporate Video Production Can Help Your Company

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A recording studio is a space used to record and mix sound, and is traditionally used by contracted musicians to record and produce music. However, thanks to independent production companies, recording studios now have more uses than ever: now there are opportunities for everyone from independent artists to corporations to use professional video recording services and music recording studios to create a variety of projects.

Video and music production software has developed exponentially over the years: microphones and amplifiers first made electric recording possible as early as 1925, and the technology quickly advanced into audio equalizers and compressors by the 1950s and 1960s. Today, digital mixing consoles are used by audio professionals to layer tracks, manipulate sounds, and fix imperfect sound and mistakes in audio and video recordings. This new technology allows everyone from companies to artists to use video production and music production equipment for a variety of purposes.

One common and modern use for production services is corporate video production and sound recording. Due to the competitive nature of the modern economy, this can mean making a TV commercial or radio advertisement. Corporate video production can also be used to produce training materials for new employees and other uses. Additionally, many high quality recording studios and production companies offer CD and DVD duplication services to simply and efficiently distribute the final product. Likewise, unsigned musicians can use music recording software and video production equipment for recording tracks and producing a music video without the backing and influence of a record label.

But regardless of the purpose of the project, it is usually preferable to hire an independent production company rather than renting audio equipment. While obtaining an audio equipment rental may seem like a simpler way to complete a project, a production company will be able to supply industry professionals who can provide numerous video and studio recording tips, thus producing a final product of higher quality. If you need to record audio or video, hire an independent production company to help you create a better track or video. Continue your research here: