Would You Pay Someone $3,000 To Live Tweet Your Wedding?

Would You Pay Someone $3,000 To Live Tweet Your Wedding?

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What is one of the most surprising wedding trends? Apparently, few Americans are willing to put their smartphones away in favor of living in the moment — even on their wedding day. Hopeful entrepreneurs are latching onto that fact, and some are even offering to live tweet your wedding — leaving you free to enjoy the festivities — for a not-so-conservative fee of $3,000!

Don’t fall for that one. With a little discretion — coupled with some of the latest wedding trends — you can enjoy the both of best worlds. Throw a trendy wedding, and capture moments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with a few, simple tips:

Ask Your Guests To Do It For You

Of course you don’t want to be glued to your smartphone or mini tablet on your wedding day. A growing number of brides and grooms are inviting guests to snap pictures and post them on social media. Provide a hashtag for Instagram and/or Twitter accounts at the guest card or wedding present table. Remember to choose somewhere people are likely to see wedding-related hashtags, and early on, too. “We’re also going to see a lot more live-streamed weddings so loved ones abroad can tune in and Tweet buttons installed in photo booths,” director of The Knot, Anja Winikka, adds.

Throw A Glamorous Lawn Party

Think The Great Gatsby. Couples are starting with relatively simple foundations, including wedding tents rentals and outdoor dance floor rentals, and glamming it up with elegant details. Elaborate flower displays, strand lights, pearls, and gold and bronze accents are all the rage. Consider livening up table linen rentals for weddings with delicate beads and fine dining ware. Crystal glasses with gold rims are a classy — and popular — choice.

Go (A Little) Crazy

It’s your wedding — one of the most important things is to have fun! Couples are mixing it up with photo booths and fun, slightly out-there props. Playing 90s music for a bit of nostalgia and inevitable silliness is also big right now.

Throw an unforgettable wedding — and remember your favorite moments on social media, too! With outdoor dance floor rentals, elegant, gold accents, and your guests working to Instagram your big day for you, you can truly make it perfect. Find more on this here: alliedpartyrentals.com

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