Video, SEO Content the Foundation to Any Solid Marketing Plan

Video, SEO Content the Foundation to Any Solid Marketing Plan

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With the importance of internet marketing at a fever pitch, online video marketing is the among most important mediums available to small businesses today. That is because videos help your market better understand your product or service by 74%.

Currently, YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world and over 30% of all online activity is spent watching videos. So clearly digital video production companies offer an increasingly essential service for effective marketing videos. And just like other methods of internet marketing, video marketing needs correctly implemented SEO to gain valuable presence.

Video for SEO when correctly implemented can drive traffic to your website through the roof. Every single day, 100 Million internet users watch an online video. This, in conjunction with the 75% of viewers who visit the company website following a marketing video, scream for a call to action to grab the attention of this market.

Video results appear in an estimated 70% of the top 100 most popular searches on Google, indicating the importance of enlisting a video production company for professionally, well produced items to stimulate your marketing plan. Additional means to draw focus to your website include the viewer comment section. This sheds even more attention to your business.

Your website is 50 times more likely to appear on first page search engine results with video advertising, the perfect vehicle to engage visual learners. Moreover, click through rates skyrocket 2-3 times when you include a video in your website. So enlisting professional a video production company and legitimate video optimization SEO are your ultimate means for effective internet marketing today. Helpful links:

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