How to Choose the Best Oahu Tour Company

How to Choose the Best Oahu Tour Company

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If you’re looking at Oahu tours, you’ll find you have a lot of options in terms of tour companies. How can you figure out which one will give you the best experience — especially if you’re planning your trip from thousands of miles away and can’t just stop by their offices? Here are five things to look for:

  1. A Good Reputation

    Reputation counts for a lot in Hawaii, and it’s a relatively small community. If you have any sort of personal contacts in the islands, it’s actually quite likely they will have an opinion on the major tour companies. But even if you’re doing your search from the mainland, you can take advantage of online reviews and such.

  2. Online Responsiveness

    You don’t have to limit your online contact to passive readings of reviews, either. Engage with a company on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get a sense of how it operates. How responsive the company is to online queries will also help you to gauge the level of customer service a tour company offers.

  3. Transparent Costs

    There are so many different types of tours that it’s difficult to set a number on a “fair” price for tours on the island. But one thing you should be sure about is that a company is transparent about its costs, making it clear what’s included, if any fees will be collected on the day, whether refunds are available, and if you’re expected to tip.

  4. Small Tour Groups

    Small group tours are the absolute best way to experience Oahu. Even though Honolulu is a major city, that feeling melts away even just a few miles outside town. You’ll be far more able to experience that natural beauty and learn about the history of the island on a small guided tour than on a big tour bus.

  5. Local Ownership

    If you’re booking Oahu tours, it makes sense that you’d want your money to go into the local economy instead of an overseas corporation. Tour companies owned by locals are also far more likely to give you an authentic experience, helping you to truly immerse yourself in Oahu’s unique culture.

Do you have any other tips on picking out Oahu tours and tour services? Join the discussion in the comments.

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