Creating Your Custom Framing Order

Creating Your Custom Framing Order

This video takes the viewer on the journey of how to put a framing order together from start to finish. Frames are great for making art look awesome.

How is a custom frame designed? A custom framing order can be made in various ways; however, the best way depends on the specific project. Designing a frame involves cutting mats, mounting the art, and cutting frames.

For the creation process, one needs to have a custom framing kit. They can begin by measuring the dimensions of the object or art to be framed.

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That is followed by determining the style like floating frames, shadow boxes, and gallery frames. Then, the person should choose the material from which they want the frame to be made out of. Wood, metal, and plastic are some of the common options. Once chosen, using a saw or other cutting device, cut the frame parts to the proper size and shape.

Once done, assemble the frame and mount it on the glass or acrylic using nails, screws, and adhesives. Finally, attach it to the item to be framed.

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