A Magical Solution for Party Entertainment

A Magical Solution for Party Entertainment

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Finding entertainment for birthday parties or professional get-togethers can be harder than it sounds. Bands are often expensive to book, and require extra time to set-up their gear, and some people are terrified of clowns. One of the easiest solutions is to hire a magician. There are many different types of magician, and each one has specific strengths or weaknesses, making them suitable to perform at different types of party.

The first thing people think of when they hear the term “magician” is the close-up magician, who is often the best magicians for birthday parties. With sleight-of-hand, card tricks, and pulling rabbits out of hats, a close-up magician works closely with the audience. They often utilize misdirection to wow their audience, and can be quite thrilling for a younger audience. Most of a close-up magician’s supplies can be packed away into a suitcase at the end of the show, making set-up and clean-up simple.

Illusionists tend to work on a larger scale, often requiring a stage. Common performances by illusionists involve levitation, disappearing from one spot to reappear somewhere else, and the ever-popular sawing a person in half. Illusionists are better suited to be entertainment for corporate events, due to the larger stage and crowd requirements.

If your corporate event is smaller in scale, but you don’t want to hire a magician who performs close-up magic, fear not! A corporate mentalist or hypnotist might be the best option for you. A mentalist specializes in tricks such as mind reading or advanced memory training. Personality profiles and body language analysis are also usually part of a mentalist’s routine. Hypnosis can be a fun ice breaker for participants, and funny to watch for the audience.

If you have been put in charge of planning a party or corporate event, remember that finding a private party entertainer may not be as hard as it sounds after all. Whether you decide to hire a magician, an illusionist, or a mentalist, they are sure to be the hit of the event. Read this website for more information.

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