Day: March 27, 2014

What’s the best make of Piano Accordion?

What’s the best make of Piano Accordion?
I hope somebody would help me to go through.

I have been playing accordion all the time throughout my life and it has taught me a bunch of techniques which may be unfamiliar to new comers. Yes, I have used all types of sizes of accordion and managed to inherit an art of playing the piano.

A couple of years ago, an auld Irishman left a Gallanti for me before his death. Actually, he had seen me playing during my juvenile age and wanted me to get the box.  No doubt, it is one of the best boxes I have ever had to play and supposed to be very precious. I always think to own this box after watching Ritchie Kelly “King of the Ceili” in the ancient albums of my father.

Despite knowing the fact that it suffers from slight emphysema, I still wish to have it. I have been looking for it with 1 or 2 keyboards since a long time and wish to use it for my sessions and gigs.  I do not know whether old Gallanti will be repaired or not yet I would love buy used one in good condition.

Lastly, I have tried several flavors and really like the Salterelle piano box – although over.

Top accordion brands

playing the accordion
Top accordion brands
Hello Friends,

Today, I am going to make a list of best Accordion brands for you. These brands have been categorized as per their standards and qualities offered by the manufacturers.

1. Bugari Armando
2. Ballone Burini
3. Pigini
4. Victoria
5. Scandalli
6. Beltuna
7. Settimio Sopran
8. Guerrini
9. Hohner
10. Dallape
11. Paolo Soprani
12. Moresch
13. Siwa & Figli
14. Titano
15. Weltmeister

Note: This list has been prepared as per my own choice and if you disagree feels free to post your comments.

Top 5: Accordion rock songs

Red accordion and sheet music, close up
Top 5: Accordion rock songs

The American Accordionists Association is going to hold workshops in the Holiday Inn in Rosslyn. It will hold a competition and distribute $12,000 prizes to best performers. We love to use accordions especially when it gives a good goosing to rock songs.

Here is the list of top famous accordion rock songs
1. Squeeze Box: Pete Townshend played the accordion himself.

2. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)

3. Jenny’s got a Pony

4. Back Street Girl

5. If You Should Fall From the Grace of God